Decorex 2015 Success!

Decorex 2015 Stand


Now we have returned from the Decorex 2015 fair we are continuing to add our website, facebook page and further information on our range.

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The response at Decorex was exceptional, way beyond any thoughts we may have had. Most compliments were on style and quality, including particular mention of the veneers we were using, mainly European walnut. The Skyline Chair, Madison Table Set, Emperor Sofa , Oceana Sideboard and of course the Atlantic Cocktail Cabinet were eye catchers. The ‘U’ base Connaught and Excelsior console tables also bought much attention and praise.

Attention to detail including cable management for the ‘U’ base pieces and an overlap at the back of the top surfaces to compensate for skirting boards were of particular interest.

The Art Deco influence was recognised and appreciated by all nationalities and aspects of the design fraternity. The overall combination of the designs, quality of construction, veneers and the various finishes all combined for a impact we were not prepared for. Over 300 on-stand enquires transpired (one every six minutes for the duration) meaning we were flat out for the four days. A nice rewarding feeling. This means there is definitely a desire for the pieces and the combination we offer. Call on 0330 2233 200 for any information we can help with.



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